How to Give the Gift of Warmth

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1- Purchase one cape and we will donate one additional cape. When you purchase an adult or child cape, we will also send a child cape to a hospital.

In the future we hope to also donate to children and adults in infusion centers, rehab facilities, nursing homes and hospice care.

2 – Direct monetary gifts. For those people who don’t currently have a need to purchase a cape, your gift will help us provide capes. We welcome direct gifts, 100% of will be used to spread warmth and love to children in hospitals. For each $10 provided, we donate a cape to a child.

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3 – Direct shipping to a Child Life department. If you would like to thank the Child Life team following your child’s hospitalization and plan to donate in-kind gifts, consider donating Cape Ivy ponchos. For each poncho you purchase that is shipped directly to the Child Life department, we will ship a 2nd poncho. For example, purchase 3 ponchos and we will ship 6; purchase 5 ponchos and we will ship 10.

4 – Hospital gift shops are the perfect place to sell our cape ponchos. Next time you are in a hospital gift shop looking for a gift to take to a patient, tell the manager about