Provide Capes

There are 4 methods for you to help us provide capes to children.

1- Purchase one and we will donate one more. We will be offering capes in a variety of fun fabrics. When you purchase an adult or child cape as a gift, we will send a child cape to a hospital.

In the future we hope to also donate to children and adults in infusion centers, rehab facilities, nursing homes and hospice care.

2- Direct monetary gifts. For those people who don’t currently have a need to purchase a cape, you can still help us provide capes! We welcome gifts, which will be used to spread warmth and love to children.

For each $10 gift received, we provide a cape to a child in the hospital or to a child who has an illness that results in frequent hospital stays.

3- Order capes to be delivered to the Child Life department (or similar type of department/agency) and we will ship the donated capes, as well. If you order 1, we ship 2; If you order 5, we ship 10.

4- Suggest to the gift shop in your local hospital that they sell our cape ponchos in their shop. Ask the gift shop to contact us.



If you would like to recommend a children’s hospital, please provide us with the child life specialist’s contact information.