Co-Founders,  Meg and Cindy

Meg and Cindy were friends and neighbors in Virginia when, at a neighborhood gathering in 2014, they chatted about how to dress up their fitness tracker bands. Meg, who has a background in fine arts, came up with a few prototypes. After a few items were posted on Etsy on a whim, Fitness Bitsy grew into a successful business, and 10 years later, they are still run the bracelet business, contributing all profits to Cape Ivy.

Using the skill from their business, Meg and Cindy started Cape Ivy in memory of Meg’s son, Gavin in 2019. In March 2020, Cape Ivy became a 501(c)(3) organization.

Meg and Cindy

Cape Ivy Board of Directors

Bic DeCaro
Beth Cox
Shawn Cox
Dee Flaherty
Jennifer Graham Clary
Cindy Hargroves
Meg Smith

Cape Ivy Advisory Board

Carly Abraham
Neha Dacherla
Evelyn Dickey
Danny Freedman
Guillermo Paredes
Ethan Schwimmer


180 Degree Consulting at UVA Evelyn Dickey – UVA Student, Social Media Support
Marl M – Wed design Support (Catchafire) Sara C – Instagram support (Catchafire)
Amy – sewing ponchos Alyssa – sewing masks and headbands
Nathan K – Google Ads Setup (Catchafire) Jan H – Finance questions answered (Catchafire)
David Coleman – Gabby-Kate C – website support (Catchafire)
Delaney – Child Life Month post cards Our models