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Our Story

As a parent of a child who spent years in and out of hospitals before he lost his 12 year battle to a rare form of CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), I know how difficult it can be for patients to stay warm while hooked up to IV and PICC lines. Robes, sweaters and jackets don’t work with the lines. I came up with a solution when my son, Gavin was 6. I created fun fleece poncho capes for him to slip over his head. He was cozy in bed and no more cold walks down hospital corridors. LEARN MORE

In Gavin’s honor, I have started Cape Ivy to provide as many capes as possible to children who courageously fight for their health in and out of hospitals. – MEG

Our Mission

With the help of my business partner and friend Cindy, I hope to sell as many capes as possible in an effort to give as many additional capes to “frequent flier” children in hospitals.

If you know a child or adult in need, please consider purchasing a cape as a gift. For each cape purchased, we will donate one to a child in the hospital. If you don’t have a need for a cape, you can provide capes with a gift to Cape Ivy.

Some of our Favorite Animal Print Capes!

Introducing our new Non-Slip Socks